Melissa Ziervogel, LPC

Practitioner Name: Melissa Ziervogel
Phone: 602.281.3206
I am a licensed mental health counselor and am passionate about helping those who have witnessed, lived/ currently experiencing, traumatic events. I help clients [...]

Nicole Setty

Practitioner Name: Nicole Setty
Phone: 720 244 4703
Nicole’s Body-Centered approach to psychotherapy will gently guide you to transform from feeling isolated, highly reactive, desperate or depressed to feeling like you belong [...]

Pamela Silsby-Sharkey, LPC

Practitioner Name: Pamela Silsby-Sharkey
Phone: 7204321034
Brainspotting, EMDR, EFT/Tapping. Matrix Reimprinting, Reiki, Coaching, Parts Work, Somatic Experiencing, Counseling, Psychotherapy for Adults.

Maureen Donohue Therapy & Wellness

Practitioner Name: Maureen Donohue, LCSW
Phone: (661) 373-1465
I’m a certified Brainspotting practicioner with thirty years of working with trauma. I have the capacity for very deep attunement for clients to [...]

Carol Dobson, MDiv, LMFT

Practitioner Name: Carol Dobson
Phone: 763-600-7123
Currently I am practicing Telehealth through Serenity Circle Counseling in Isanti, MN and in-person therapy at 4 Counsel in Maple Grove, MN. It's a [...]

Asuna Osako, LMSW, RDT

Practitioner Name: Asuna Osako
Seeking help takes courage and strength! I’m here to help you consciously access and nurture this strength and foster your uniqueness. Together we will [...]