If you are a Brainspotting trained therapist, you can become a member of the Rocky Mountain Brainspotting Institute!

In State Member

Membership for Colorado members which includes a listing in RMBI’s professional directory, access to past & future Brown Bag seminars, referrals for clients, as well as discounts to local Brainspotting events and training.

Cost: $120/year

Out of State Member

In consideration of the fact that they are unable to enjoy all our benefits (e.g. local events), a reduced rate of $60 is available to out-of-state members.

Cost: $60/year

Student Member

Special rate for those who are currently enrolled in school or participating in an internship. Student members are entitled to all benefits, including a directory listing.

Cost: $60/year

Membership includes access to all previous Brown Bag seminar recordings
(+ new ones added each month!):

Kristy Snedden & Serene Calkins “Brainspotting my (True) Story: Using Fiction, Memoir, or Poetry to Deepen Healing (March 2024);
Monika Baumann “Insights into Brainspotting with Children & Adolescents” (March 2024);
Cherie Lindberg “Mindful Co-Regulation with Couples” (February 2024);
Kristy Snedden “Poetry, Prose, & the Power of Brainspotting (January 2024);
Jeff Ryan & Steve Sawyer “Brainspotting with High Acuity Strategies” (December 2023);
Heather Corbet & Cherie Lindberg “Brainspotting, Spirituality, & Intuition” (October 2023);
Stephanie Neuman “Brainspotting First Responders & Military” (August 2023);
Joanne Baum “Brainspotting with Breathing, Mindfulness, & Grounding Techniques” (July 2023);
Thad Frye “Exploration, Intention Setting, and Integration: Psychedelics & Brainspotting” (April 2023);
Holly St. Pierre “Polyvagal Theory & Brainspotting” (March 2023);
Jennifer Delaney “Brainspotting the Mother Wound: Reclaiming What Was Lost (January 2023);
Cheri Lindberg & Cynthia Schwartzberg “Brainspotting & Parts Work” (December 2022);
Glenda Villamarin “Brainspotting with Groups” (September 2022);
Carolyn Robistow “Gray Area Drinking” (August 2022);
Maria Gray “Moneyspotting” (July 2022);
Holly St. Pierre “Brainspotting in the Sandtray” (June 2022);
Tracy Gantlin-Monroy “Intersectionality & Social Justice is in the Frame” (May 2022);
Emily Schottman & Melanie Young “Wavespotting” (April 2022);
Monika Baumann “What Brainspotting with Young Ones Teaches Us About Treatment with Adults (March 2022);
Mary Jane O’Rourke & Serene Calkins “From Freeze to Thaw: Unlocking Trauma in the Body with Brainspotting (February 2022 & March 2021);
Emily Schottman “Eye on Brainspotting” (October 2021);
Paige Roberts “Sports Performance Expansion, Sports Injury Recovery & Health Optimization” (May 2021);
Stephanie Neuman “Using Brainspotting with First Responders” (April 2021);
Nancy Tung & Cori Woodland “Systemic Approach to Healing Chronic Illness and Pain” (February 2019)

Join a Committee

We are looking for dedicated RMBI members to be a part of the Steering Committee as well as the following sub-committees: fundraising/grants, membership/communications, outreach/education or social media/IT
If you are interested in serving on a committee, email Bri at [email protected]

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The Rocky Mountain Brainspotting Institute (RMBI) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that was created to promote and advance the use of Brainspotting, a brain-body treatment approach.

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