Recognizing the Truths of Racial Injustice

“I was born to ignorance, yes, and lesser poverties
I was born to privilege that I did not see
Lack of pigment in my skin, won a free and easy in
I didn’t know it, but my way was paved.”

-John Gorka – “Innocence and Privilege”

RMBI recognizes the deep, ongoing trauma which racism causes for members of the Black community who have experienced and continue to be subject to systemic injustice and inequality.

RMBI stands in solidarity with Black Americans and all people of color at this eye-opening and tragically critical time. Wherever each of us is on the journey to understanding the inherent racism in our society and working to combat it, as an organization we want to foster discussion, understanding and healing. This begins with listening, and believing what those who have experienced the trauma are saying. White people cannot presume to know how to bridge centuries of injustices. As in every good Brainspotting session, we welcome staying in the tail of the comet and waiting – before talking ourselves. For many of us “I didn’t know, but my way was paved” seems to fit.

As Brainspotting professionals, RMBI members are positioned to help individuals cope with the effects of this ongoing trauma. Please commit with us to doing this important work and let us know if you have specific ideas on how we can be a force for change.

You can view a podcast by Dr. David Grand and Dr. Mondo from 6/16/20 on “Helping White Ears Listen to Truths About Racial Injustice” 

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