Trish Levine, LCSW

Practitioner Name: Trish Levine LCSW NY and FL
Phone: 516-446-8910
Brainspotting Psychotherapy NY and FL Virtually I work with Adults in the areas of Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. I offer a free comprehensive consultation.

Mollie Montgomery, LCSW

Practitioner Name: Mollie Montgomery, LCSW
Phone: 347-927-0698
I use mindfulness interventions and psychoeducation in ongoing processing sessions as well as intensive issue-focused treatment to move clients towards their greatest health and [...]

Lauren Parker, Physical Therapist, BSP Practitioner

Practitioner Name: Lauren Parker
Phone: 14066716343
Living Aligned physical therapy emphasizing optimal functional movement patterns, balance strategies, and focused mindfulness through Brainspotting empowering individuals to expand their mind-body wellness.  Experienced [...]

Melissa Ziervogel, LPC

Practitioner Name: Melissa Ziervogel
Phone: 602.281.3206
I am a licensed mental health counselor and am passionate about helping those who have witnessed, lived/ currently experiencing, traumatic events. I help clients [...]

Lorrie Johnson, LCSW

Practitioner Name: Lorrie Johnson
Phone: 5857337881
We have a trauma practice in NY the website is and I trained with Pie.  I am a level I IFS trained practioner, [...]

Joel Shane

Practitioner Name: Joel Shane
Phone: (720) 8056980
Advanced Brainspotting and Somatic Experiencing / IFS, holistic approach. Experienced with addictions, sexuality/sexual health, trauma, performance and growth, diverse populations.

Ashley Kuhnau, Life Coach

Practitioner Name: Ashley Kuhnau
Phone: 320-766-4686
Grounded & Growing is the areas brain/body specialist, helping individuals struggling with chronic emotional and physical pain. Persistent pain and emotional distress change our [...]

Jane McClannan, MA, LPCC

Practitioner Name: Jane McClannan
A certified Brainspotting practitioner with a client-centered attachment-oriented approach. Adept in mind-body modalities to facilitate the holistic healing of the mind, body, and spirit. [...]

Alexa Henson, NCC, LCMHCA

Practitioner Name: Alexa Henson, NCC, LCMHCA
Phone: 336-701-1925
I am a NCC and LCMHCA that works in a community mental health agency in NC.  

Maureen Donohue Therapy & Wellness

Practitioner Name: Maureen Donohue, LCSW
Phone: (661) 373-1465
I’m a certified Brainspotting practicioner with thirty years of working with trauma. I have the capacity for very deep attunement for clients to [...]