Danielle N Meyer, DSS, Certified Brainspotting Therapist, Attachment Therapy, TBI Coach

Therapist Name: Danielle N Meyer, DSS, BSP

Before my first traumatic brain injury, I was pretty hard core: playing soccer 4-5 times a week, working out, running, cycling, snowboarding in the winter and wakeboarding in the summer. I was very social, worked long hours at a corporate job I loved, and prided myself on not needing much rest. 

Things Change…

I am now a 2x brain injury survivor (2012 and 2018). Divorced. A spiritual warrior. One who needs a lot of quiet and downtime. I have gone through the grieving process that comes after losing a parent to cancer/stroke as well as the unexpected death of friends. I know the pain of working through relationship struggles including infidelity and also how to repair and rebuild. I can help you initiate and navigate major life, relationship and/or career changes. I understand what it feels like to be misunderstood, feel isolated, alone, even wonder if your mind & body will ever work the same and if you will get your life back after trauma.

I spent years working to figure out what it meant to “take good care of myself” and to love myself the way I am. While healing from a mild traumatic brain injury, I earned a Masters and Doctorate in Spiritual Science/Counseling.  I went on to create a coaching program to help others healing from traumatic brain injuries and/or PTSD. My own intense life experiences + relationship challenges also led me to Brainspotting and Relationship Attachment Theory. I am now trained in both and am a fully Certified Brainspotting Therapist.

I use a combination of these modalities–Brainspotting, Life Coaching, Attachment Therapy and Mindfulness techniques to help my clients holistically navigate life's ups & downs. This includes grief, addiction, depression/anxiety, childhood & adult trauma, career changes, relationship challenges, mind/body issues, and spirituality. Because I work virtually, we can work together no matter your location!

I have the knowledge, resources, and compassion to help you navigate any number of  life's stressors and obstacles. I will cheer you on and assist you in gaining the perspective, courage & strength to make big changes and create a new, expansive way of living and thriving!

Treatment Modalities:
  • Brainspotting
  • Coaching
  • Mindfulness

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