Jaci Hull, LMFT

Psychotherapy: in private practice for 25 years.  I work with individuals and couples using Hakomi Therapy, Relational Life Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR and Brainspotting.   I am a lead trainer in the Hakomi Method locally and internationally.  For more information about my background, extensive training and experience please see my website:  www.jacihull.com

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Joseph Fojut MA LPC

I have been in the counseling field for over 25 years,  have an LPC, and trained in many techniques and modalities to address both big and small traumas as well as trauma that may not be obvious to the outside observer.

I am absolutely energized by the transformative process and take pride in the ability to compassionately show up and adjust to your unique needs.

You can call me at 303-231-0090 ext 301, email me at joefojut@nichange.com and learn more about all our services at: www.nichange.com.

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My specialty is Trans-Generational Inherited Family Traumas affecting people at the physical, emotional, and mental levels.

You may have Trans-Generational Inherited Family Trauma if you experience:

  • Long-held emotions that you can’t find any possible origins.
  • Emotions experienced since birth, e.g., “I don’t know what it’s like to not feel confused, sad, or a lack sense of belonging.”
  • Similar illnesses and symptoms as another member of your family. Or, you are the only one in your family having a particular chronic condition.
  • Obsession or preoccupation with certain thoughts, dreams, limitations, or themes.

​Because these traumas are hidden, health issues can arise and relationships can suffer due to unclear boundaries carried at the subconscious levels.

I have combined many years of clinical expertise in medical knowledge, Family Systems Constellation, and Brainspotting. I also encourage and incorporate spiritual support into the sessions, if welcomed by my client.

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Jennifer Alexander, LMFT, Brainspotting Consultant

I specialize trauma and addictions especially working with first responders and military personnel , children and adolescents, and those who are unsure of therapy or worry about being judged. I believe therapy should honor the client and be fun!

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I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Brainspotting Practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher. Ordained in 1998 as a Soto Zen Priest, I’ve trained in, studied, and taught Zen Meditation for over 30 years. This intimate mind-body practice supports and informs my practice as a therapist.  I enjoy creating and holding safe space for others, customizing modalities to each individual to maximize behavioral changes and healing.

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Leslie Stone, LMFT

Private Practice in Claremont and Chino California.  Primary focus on individuals working through grief, loss, stress or trauma.

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The Rev. Martha S Jacobi, MDiv, STM, PhD, LCSW-R

Martha S. Jacobi is a Lutheran pastor who maintains a transdisciplinary pastoral psychotherapy, consultation, and spiritual direction practice in New York City, into which she integrates her background as a dancer and musician. Her specializations include trauma and spirituality, working with at-risk families and children, creativity/performance enhancement, and general. pastoral care. Martha is a Senior Brainspotting Trainer and internationally known seminar leader, speaker, and writer. She is a Specialty Trainer for “Brainspotting with Children & Adolescents” and “Brainspottting & Spirituality, Religion, & Contemplative Practice.”  She serves as Pastoral Associate at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Times Square and is Associate Dean for the Brainspotting Concentration in Behavioural Health at International University for Graduate Studies, in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Martha is the author of several chapters and articles related to Brainspotting in clinical and theological publications.

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Susan M. Burns, LCSW

Clients served:  Adults, Elders

Areas of specialty:  trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, chronic illness, life transitions

Brainspotting Trainings Completed:

–BSP Phase I:  2/19-2/21/21 (Instructors:  Pie Frey, PsyD; Christine Ranck, PsyD)

–BSP Phase II:  3/19-3/21/21 (Instructors:  Pie Frey, PsyD; Christine Ranck, PsyD)

–Bodyspotting/From Freeze to Thaw:  2/26-2/28/21 (Instructors:  Serene Calkins, PT; Mary Jane O’Rourke, LCSW)

Additional training in EMDR, DBT, IFS, CBT

Proficient in Spanish



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Deb Antinori, MA, LPC, RDT, FT, US Trainer

In private practice for 30 years. Specialty in grief and pet loss (double award winning audiobook Journey Through Pet Loss at www.petlossaudio.com), I also work with trauma, anxiety, depression – adults 18 and over. US Trainer, currently with new specialty training Brain Science to Inform Your BSP Practice: AKA Animal Brain Gone Wild!, and once a month Brain Study Group (in 4 month block of time).

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Todd Scott, LCSW

My primary goal is to help you identify and pursue the desired changes which will result in a positive and fulfilling life.  I will help you gain a better understanding of your past and plan for the future.  I specialize in trauma therapy, in which Brainspotting is the primary treatment modality.

With a background as a first responder, I have seen and experienced first-hand the many ways traumatic experiences impact our lives.  Gaining an understanding of the effects of trauma and the way the body holds trauma is key to healing the mind and body.

I specialize in serving first responders, military personnel, victims of domestic violence, victims of sexual abuse, and clients suffering from PTSD.

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