“Mindful Co-Regulation with Couples” with Cherie Lindberg (February 2024 RMBI Brown Bag Recording)


“Mindful Co-Regulation with Couples” with Cherie Lindberg, PhD (February 2024 RMBI Brown Bag Recording)


“Mindful Co-Regulation with Couples” with Cherie Lindberg, PhD (February 2024 RMBI Brown Bag Recording)

Mindful Co-regulation in Relationships is an approach aimed at assisting individuals in cultivating the necessary skills for nurturing profound and meaningful long-term connection in their relationships. The approach centers around conscious, intentional engagement and encompasses four therapeutic steps, represented by the acronym CRAM: Comprehend your history, Reorganize your brain/body, Accelerate your healing, and Mastering shifts. To navigate through these steps, the approach incorporates the practices of Focused Mindfulness, Attachment Theory, Imago Relationship Dialogue, and Parts work.

Cherie Lindberg, PhD, LPC, NCC is a seasoned transformational coach, speaker, advisor, and psychotherapist with a completed doctorate. She is dedicated to guiding those that mentoring others, leaders, and high performers in embracing their life’s purpose. With a focus on personal flourishing, Cherie helps individuals highlight their unique abilities and contribute positively to the world. Cherie is committed to educating and mentoring fellow coaches, therapists, and healers in empowering them to excel in their fields and unlock their clients’ fullest potential.

In addition to her practical expertise, she is a Brainspotting Trainer and Consultant, and specialize in integrating Brainspotting and IFS coaching techniques. Cherie’s mission is to continue uplifting and empowering those she works with, fostering a ripple effect of positive change in the lives of individuals, communities, and beyond.

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