“Brainspotting First Responders & Military” with Stephanie Neuman (August 2023 RMBI Brown Bag Recording)


“Brainspotting First Responders & Military” with Stephanie Neuman, LCSW (August 2023 RMBI Brown Bag Recording)


“Brainspotting First Responders & Military” with Stephanie Neuman, LCSW (August 2023 RMBI Brown Bag Recording)

In this Brown Bag seminar, Stephanie gives therapists an inside look at the trauma experienced by Law Enforcement and other First Responders. Before becoming a therapist, Stephanie was an officer for over 10 years. During that time in law enforcement, she experienced many critical and volatile events giving Stephanie first hand exposure to the traumas of law enforcement. Stephanie has taken the basics of her training as a cop and integrated it with Brainspotting techniques to create a powerful model of healing her clients efficiently and effectively. In this Brown Bag seminar, Stephanie brings real life experience to the table for discussion, understanding and healing.

Stephanie has been a mental health therapist for over 11 years. Prior to that she served 10 years in law enforcement as a Detention Officer, Patrol Officer and Patrol Sergeant. Stephanie found the value of mental health therapy while working as an officer. Brainspotting, specifically has been life changing and has allowed Stephanie to positively affect all clients she works with. Stephanie specializes as a trauma therapist for Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders and Military. She is able to connect with her clients in a “culturally competent” way that allows for optimal trust and healing during the sessions.

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