“Brainspotting for Gray Area Drinking” with Carolyn Robistow (Aug 2022 RMBI Brown Bag Recording)


“Brainspotting for Gray Area Drinking” with Carolyn Robistow, LPC (August 2022 RMBI Brown Bag Recording)


“Brainspotting for Gray Area Drinking” with Carolyn Robistow, LPC (August 2022 RMBI Brown Bag Recording)

How often does alcohol consumption impact therapeutic process if the diagnosis and focus of treatment are NOT focused to address substance use disorder? In this Brown Bag, you’ll learn the symptoms and red flags of drinking in the gray area (the area between abstinence and alcohol addiction).  You’ll learn not only the importance of assessing for gray area drinking habits, but also the new language forming around this topic to help you and your clients better understand a “healthy” consumption of alcohol.  Finally, you’ll leave knowing exactly which brainspotting setups to use if and when a client’s progress is being hindered by the Groundhog Day repetitive cycle of unhealthy drinking in the gray area.

Carolyn Robistow helps high-achieving, health-minded perfectionists squelch brain blocks and unhelpful habits.

She is the founder of  Carolyn Robistow Consulting, LLC, an online coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get out of their heads, stop drinking, and start living optimized AF.

Carolyn is also the host of Brain Unblocked: The Brainspotting Podcast, which can be found on most podcasting platforms or by visiting https://carolynrobistow.net/podcast

Finally, Carolyn side hustles at her private practice, The Joy Effect, an in-person and virtual counseling practice in The Woodlands, TX, where she specializes in Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

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