“Brainspotting, Spirituality, & Intuition” with Heather Corbet & Cherie Lindberg (October 2023 RMBI Brown Bag Recording)


“Brainspotting, Spirituality, and Intuition” with Heather Corbet, MOTR/L and Cherie Lindberg, LPC (October 2023 RMBI Brown Bag Recording)


“Brainspotting, Spirituality, and Intuition” with Heather Corbet, MOTR/L and Cherie Lindberg, LPC (October 2023 RMBI Brown Bag Recording)

This Brown Bag seminar will discuss how to utilize subcortical processes and the Neurosequential model of Brainspotting to deepen your client’s spiritual, intuitive, and creative experiences. In this seminar, attendees will learn various ways of exploring spirituality, intuition, and creativity. Attendees will leave having many creative ideas on how to support and explore meaning and purposeful living with their clients. The focus will be on deep attunement among participants while exploring through the “uncertainty principle” and staying in the “tail of the comet”.

Heather Corbet, Registered & Licensed OT, Brainspotting Specialty Trainer & Consultant

is a Coach, Occupational Therapist, Holistic Healer, Spiritual Advisor, & Reiki Master Teacher with over 20 years of experience in the human services fields. Heather’s specialities include: Grief & Loss, Sensory Processing, Pediatrics, Parts work, Couples, Neurodivergence, Spirituality, Performers, Medical anomalies, Highly Sensitive People, & Groups. Heather hosts the Brainspotting & Spirituality Free Monthly Peer Support group & has created the “Brainspotting & Reiki workshop” and the “Brainspotting, Spirituality & Intuition 9 month consultation group” which covers a variety of Spiritual & Intuitive topics. Heather enjoys witnessing the deep healing with couples, families, groups, and individuals as they shift into new paradigms, align to their life path more fully, and increase their connection to self, others, & their whole being.

Cherie Lindberg, LPC, NCC
Brainspotting Trainer & Consultant

Cherie is a transformational coach, speaker, advisor, and psychotherapist dedicated to guiding mentors, leaders, and high performers in embracing their life’s purpose. With a focus on personal flourishing, She supports individuals in highlighting their unique abilities and how they want to contribute positively to the world. She is committed to educating and mentoring fellow coaches, therapists, and healers in empowering them to excel in their fields and unlock their clients’ fullest potential. With extensive experience in coaching, counseling, and behavioral science, She specializes in integrating Brainspotting and IFS coaching.

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