New RMBI Treatment Fund Pilot Program

RMBI has always had a long term goal of creating a Brainspotting Treatment Fund to help clients of limited financial means access brainspotting therapy. In 2014 we held a fundraiser to generate seed funding to further this goal. We are also working with a grant writer to help us secure additional funds for the Brainspotting Treatment Fund.

After exploring various avenues and ideas, we are now ready to pursue a pilot of our Brainspotting Treatment Fund. The final program that we ultimately develop will be broader in scope than the pilot, but we recognize that we are venturing into uncharted waters for RMBI. We need to proceed in stages to ensure that we get this right. Thus, the goal of the pilot is to help us define exactly how the process will operate (while helping a few deserving clients in need of brainspotting). We expect the pilot to raise issues we have not anticipated, and allow us to iron out all the kinks before we launch the full program. At this point we would like to call on RMBI members to assist us with the pilot.

For the pilot, potential clients will complete an application that is submitted to the RMBI board. RMBI will pay participating therapists $100 for a 60 minute session and can request 3-10 sessions. For the pilot therapists need to be RMBI members and have completed Levels 1 and 2 brainspotting training. (RMBI board members are not eligible to participate.) Therapists will be required to complete a pre and post questionnaire with the client. Clients must have experienced one or more traumas and will be asked to describe their financial need. The clients need to be new and not current clients. We are currently finalizing the application process and will share the details when that is ready.

Our Request to You: If you get a referral from a client who may be eligible for this program OR if you are a qualified RMBI member therapist who is interested in participating, please email RMBI to let us know.

We are excited about getting the pilot program off the ground and invite your participation in helping us make it a success.

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