Melanie Young, PsyD, will present at the next Brown Bag Lunch on Friday, April 24, 2015. Her topic is “What’s New in Brainspotting.”

Dr. Melanie Young has been in private practice for over 20 years.  She provides a warm and supportive environment for adolescents and adults.  She aids individuals in overcoming depression, mood swings, anxiety and anger. She facilitates healing from emotional, physical, and sexual trauma.   She assists individuals and couples with relationships, marital and divorce issues, losses and grief.  Dr. Young helps navigate the challenges around brain trauma, pain, illness, phobias and addictions.  Specialties also include working with seniors, their families and caregivers.  She also uses Brainspotting as a tool to increase effective coping strategies, strengthen internal resources, enhance performance.  Dr. Young is a certified Brainspotting therapist and facilitates Brainspotting consultation groups for psychotherapists.  She is also available for individual consultation.  Dr. Young is a national Brainspotting trainer in training and is vice president on the steering committee for Rocky Mountain Brainspotting Institute.


Time: April 24 at 12 noon

Location: InCahoots Meeting Place, 4800 Baseline Rd, Suite A-112. This is in the Meadows Shopping Center at Baseline Rd and Foothills Pkwy, Boulder. The meeting space is located in the breezeway west of Michael’s and the Chinese restaurant. Look for the white flag.

Cost: Free for RMBI members; $15 for non-members.

RSVP: Please email us to reserve your spot.


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Inside window:

Activate issue

locate in body


find BSP using pointer. Go slowly

move pointer up then down. This is the Y-axis. (eye level is x-axis. Horizontal)

client: I’m 62 and I’ve been single for 14 years and I see red flags all over the place (with dates). I became invisible about 5 years ago.

Pie: what do you see in the red flags? tell me more about being invisible

client: I remember the day I realized I was invisible. I was at a bar eating and no one looked at me. All these younger women were all around me and even the bartender didn’t notice me. I’ve grieved being older and I am happy with my own company more and more but I haven’t given up on love.

Pie: you’re still out there looking for love and connection but you see the red flags and you also feel invisible.

Client: I am afraid of being trapped in something awful.

Pie: what comes up around fear of being trapped in a bad relationship?

Client: I’d rather be single

Pie: even as you’re talking, do you notice anything going on in your body?

Client: Yes, I got a feeling in my solar plexus. (becomes teary) I don’t have time to make a mistake.

Pie: let’s go with that fear of making a mistake. What do you notice when you do a body scan?

Client: it makes me breathless. (hand is on heart)

Pie: What are you noticing now in your body? Any emotion connected to that feeling in body? SUDS?

Open your eyes when you’re ready. Follow the pointer- where are you most activated in your body? Let’s get specific to fine tune the exact spot. SUDS? Move it up. More or less activated? Move it down. More/ less?

Keep your eyes there so I can move my chair and get comfortable and redirect me to your spot.

When you think about your fear of making a mistake, just see where it goes.

Client: I haven’t known how to end my relationships. I’ve stayed too long. My life is being sucked out of me.

I didn’t step up with XX b/c I didn’t want to be the initiator.

Pie: notice what’s happening in your body. Check in: what keeps you stuck? See where it goes.

Client: I want a match, someone like me and already whole and who still has dreams and interests and aliveness.

Pie: just allow yourself to be with that sadness. Just check in with yourself about that.

Client: All those times my father tried to hold me back…

Pie: just let it happen. Feel that sensation of pushing him/them away. Let your body do that pushing away. What do you notice in your body?

Client: a ring of fire image just came up.

Pie: As you feel that image around you, what do you notice?

Client: A fireman with gear & an ax just came through. He’s all sooty and sweaty and I’m all wet from the fire hose.

Pie: Let it happen, notice what’s he doing with his gear/ax.

Client: It’s about time! What took you so long?! He says stop being difficult. I’m not! I was not protected as a kid.

Pie: you have some protection now.

Client: I’ve developed it. I want to trust it w/o waiting for perfect. I want someone to try, someone who’s willing to risk and wants to grow. It feels good it’s not a bad thing to be me, to be discerning.

Pie: feel that sensation

client: it’s a relief to stop making myself wrong. I’m going to stay with my belief that I’ll find someone to grow with some day. A lot of grief is coming up.

Pie: Just let that happen…what does it feel like to say out loud “it’s not too late”. Let yourself feel that little girl inside who’s still alive and hopeful

client: I feel hopeful. I am visible to the right person!

Pie: Feel that feeling of being visible to the right person. (install that image)

client: A picture came to me of me doing a TED talk and being really visible

Pie: see where that goes.

Client: Some one is celebrating me rather than shutting me down and I want to also celebrate that person too. I feel expansive, peace. I can trust that knowing it’s real. I can feel it in myself. It’s real! And that feels good.

Pie: feel that in your body. What do you notice in that deep breath you just took?

Client: Not everyone has to get me. It’s good. I feel tired and I’ve landed on a truth. If I could just stay grounded in that truth, that makes me available.

Pie: go within and see if there’s a mantra about that. That it’s all yours and be open to that.

“love is real” say it out loud 3 times. What do you notice in your body?

Client: My lower back has huge energy. It’s an amazing truth for me.

Pie: Give yourself permission to stay with that truth, that mantra. Love is real.

Client: Love has my back. Love is real. It’s my protection, my ring of fire.

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Tami Simon speaks with Dr. David Grand, a pioneering psychotherapist, lecturer, and performance coach. Dr. Grand is best known for his discovering of the internationally-acclaimed therapy called Brainspotting. He’s the author of the book Emotional Healing at Warp Speed, and his new book called Brainspotting: A Revolutionary New Therapy for Rapid and Effective Change will be released with Sounds True in the spring. In this episode, Tami speaks with David about what Brainspotting is and why it represents a new evolution in brain-based therapy. Dr. Grand reveals the central insight of Brainspotting—that where you look affects how you feel—and offers a simple practice that you can try right now. (60 minutes) Click here.

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Brainspotting (BSP) was discovered by David Grand, Ph.D. in 2003. Since then, Brainspotting has developed into an in-depth therapeutic process that can be integrated with other healing modalities in either individual or couples therapy. Dr. Grand believes that “Brainspotting taps into the body’s natural self scanning and self healing abilities”. Continue reading Brainspotting

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More on RMBI

Brainspotting uses a Mind/Body approach to psychotherapy and is effective in identifying, processing and releasing deep neurophysiological sources of physical and emotional pain caused by trauma and stress. Upsetting memories are stored deep within the brain and the body. Continue reading More on RMBI

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