Joanne Baum, Certified Brainspotting Therapist

Therapist Name: Joanne Baum

I have been in private practice for many years and still really love doing this work.    It is creative dynamic, challenging, rewarding, surprising, stimulating, fun and awesome.  To be part of someone's life journey is an incredible privilege.  I love working as a collaborative team with the person coming in to see me.  I want to begin with where you are the moment we meet, and explore, with you, what you want to achieve, what is bothering you, and  what are your dreams and goals...We work with your strengths, beginning to look at areas you may have forgotten. With Brainspotting we have so many creative options, all of which work in a deep area of your brain, where trauma and upset reside and we strive to free you from old wounds, beliefs, memories, fears and anxieties which may be getting in the way of you being how you want to be in this world and doing what you believe you were meant to do.  As we work with things that have challenged you we add to your list of strengths and your resiliency. I am licensed in Colorado and Indiana and provide TeleHealth sessions to residents of both states.

As a result of doing this for a long time coupled with my natural curiosity and desire to always learn I have developed quite a number of specialties over the years including: 1) Substance Use Disorder, commonly known as Alcoholism and Addictions.  I do everything from: a) assessments to find out if you have crossed over an invisible line into an insidious and powerful disease called addiction; b) Figuring out what comes next - what level of care/treatment is appropriate and what are the best treatment options for you; c) working with family members; d) doing loving, kind Interventions; e) providing individualized continuing care for you on your next steps in your recovery journey once you are sober; d) working with couples, e) working with family members and possibly you too on resolving and growing from Codependency into more choices for a healthier life, and f) dealing with larger underlying issues that first got you using or drinking in the first place, f) Brainspotting to resolve trauma so you can live a freer life in recovery.

2) Trauma:  At the base of so many Mental Health Issues and Challenges are past Traumas still haunting us. We are talking about "little t trauma" and "Big T trauma." Some are in our conscious memory and others are hidden in our subconscious and unconscious memories.  However hidden, they remain powerful, interfering with how we want to be in our lives. Brainspotting allows us to heal those subcortical wounds and areas of our brain holding us back, consuming and confounding us, challenging us and stymying us on our life journeys.   We need to heal in order to be who we want to be in life and how we want to be in life. We can heal and our bodies hold the keys for our healing.  Brainspotting allows us to access those keys to our ability to move from surviving, to thriving and ultimately to soaring in our life.

3) Marriage Counseling: Sometimes the love your life, your chosen life partner becomes more of a challenge and a problem than a loving life partner.  Counseling can help you find your way back to each other  or help you make a decision that it can be time to move on. Difficult decisions and hard to change entrenched patterns that are no longer working can interfere with the two of you growing back together or deciding your relationship has run its often we repeat patterns we experienced as children that we saw our parents doing even though we never wanted to repeat those patterns. Brainspotting can help free you to behave differently and feel differently towards your life partner and towards yourself .  You get to decide what you deserve, what you are willing to handle in life and what is acceptable and desired in a life partner.

4) Divorce Coaching:  When you are ready to make a difficult decisions to leave a marriage or a committed relationship Divorce Coaching can help you and your partner heal and move into the next phase of your life with less acrimony, more understanding and even empathy for each other. If children are involved they need to be able to love both parents and be able to still have their family even when their family is housed in two homes.  It is so important for children's emotional, cognitive and social development to have two parents at peace with each other, especially post separation and  divorce.

5) LGBTQIA+: Today, society as a whole is can be a bit to a lot more accepting of different lifestyles and life choices.  However, that may not have been true when you were coming up and coming out.  Not only that, but parts of this country, are more accepting than others, and the unpredictability of how you will be treated and greeted is a difficult ongoing factor to deal with.  The unpredictability the micro aggression and outright prejudice can permeate every aspect of your life when you just want to "be."  So many emotions can get triggered.  At various stages in your life, you can really use an ally, a therapist who understands and is affirming of your choices and of you.

6) Feeling stuck and wanting to make some changes but not having a clue how to move forward, or, having clues but not being able to translate them into actions.  Also, feeling ready for a change and having trouble taking the plunge.  We move at your pace, again using your strengths, using Brainspotting to help you get "unstuck" and bring you closer to your dreams of what is next.

7) Depression can be so debilitating.  It can swoop in or ease its way into your being so slowly and  quietly until all of a sudden you are a low point you had not seen it coming, but here you are, weighed down, and not being able to function the way you would like to or how you usually do.  It can be like waves coming into the shore, some crash in like tsunamis and some ripple in and out, so just as you thought you were on even ground, you turn around and you're not...we work as a team, to marshal your resources and use a variety of therapeutic approaches to bring you up to a level where you want to be and you feel good about yourself and the world again.

Treatment Modalities:
  • Brainspotting
  • Coaching
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Gestalt
  • Mindfulness
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

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